This homage to the classic RPG temple puzzle starts the player character in the middle of a temple with only a dim light to navigate. The player must overcome the dangers of the temple to find the keys to unlock the door and escape. Each key found upgrades the player's light but the increased power attracts the interest of the temples inhabitants; thus, each upgrade makes the temple more dangerous to navigate and the worse it is for the player. 

This is our first Ludum Dare and first time making a game.

Keyboard Controls
W - Forward
S - Reverse
A - Rotate Right
D - Rotate Left
Q - Strafe Left
E - Strafe Right
up - Move Up
down - Move Down
left - Move Left
right - Move Right

Xbox Controller Controls
Left joystick -- forward/reverse
Right joystick -- rotate left/right
D-pad -- move up,down,left,right  (Windowes exe only)


SlitheringSecrets_v1_0.exe 68 MB

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